Friday, October 12, 2012

BBA Season Awards

It is a requirement as a Baseball Bloggers Alliance member to vote for their seasonal awards in the same fashion as the BBWAA. However, it is also a requirement to consistently post new content without any prolonged gaps longer than one month, which is why I am certainly surprised I received the reminder to submit my ballot this week.

Analysis around the Horn is a part of the General Chapter, as such I have the opportunity to vote for everyone without discrimination to one league or another. Although my eligibility is questionable, I submit my ballot regardless:

Connie Mack Award (Best Manager)
  1. Davey Johnson (Washington Nationals)
  2. Bob Melvin (Oakland Athletics)
  3. Buck Showalter (Baltimore Orioles)
Willie Mays Award (Best Rookie)
  1. Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)
  2. Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals)
  3. Wade Miley (Arizona Diamondbacks)
Goose Gossage Award (Best Reliever)
  1. Craig Kimbrel (Atlanta Braves)
  2. Aroldis Chapman (Cincinnati Reds)
  3. Fernando Rodney (Tampa Bay Rays)
Walter Johnson Award (Best Pitcher)
  1. David Price (Tampa Bay Rays)
  2. Gio Gonzalez (Washington Nationals)
  3. R.A. Dickey (New York Mets)
  4. Matt Cain (San Francisco Giants)
  5. Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers)
Stan Musial Award (Best Player)
  1. Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)
  2. Ryan Braun (Milwaukee Brewers)
  3. Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  4. Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)
  5. Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants)
  6. Adrian Beltre (Texas Rangers)
  7. Robinson Cano (New York Yankees)
  8. Yadier Molina (St. Louis Cardinals)
  9. David Wright (New York Mets)
  10. Ben Zobrist (Tampa Bay Rays)

I still have plenty of ideas for new content and could talk about the postseason, which is what caused me to hit the ground running last year, but I have quite a few obstacles and other things on my mind while I continue my job search.

Perhaps this will be motivation for me to continue writing. It could help distract me from an otherwise depressing atmosphere and maybe someone will discover my talents through my blog. Who knows. Crazier things have happened and things will begin to look up eventually.

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