Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Fantasy Baseball Average Rankings

Note: If you are looking for my updated list, then please click the tab above entitled "2012 Overall Ranks."

Welcome to 2012. It's time to really get focused on fantasy baseball since it's officially the new year and there are less than two months until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

Everyone has their own opinions regarding where a baseball player should be ranked during a fantasy baseball draft. These opinions are ever evolving, especially during the offseason while some men are still seeking a new home. How can you trust one resource?

I don't know about you but I can't, so here is an average of several websites.

I've compiled the data from the following five websites to create the average rank for nearly 400 players.
A portion of these lists are actually dated, which is why you can't rely on only one website and makes the analysis fun. For example, BleacherGM's lists were compiled by Jeffrey and Jeremy before and after the alleged Ryan Braun PED accusation, respectively. Jeffrey ranked Braun second on December 1st, while Jeremy chose to not rank him at all on December 15th.

Scott White from CBS Sports released his article on December 13th, Jesse Sakstrup from RotoSummit released his list on November 4th, and the list from Mock Draft Central is continuously compiled. As I write this article, 143 drafts were recorded and extracted today on January 1st. The guys from Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks were gracious enough to forward me an early copy of their rankings. In addition to these, Fantasy GameDay will also be included next month after their list is released.

You may have noticed the table is labeled as the "Unweighted Average." If a player was skipped in one website's draft, then I provided that individual a standard value of one higher than their maximum. For example, CBS Sports ranked 300 players, so an unranked player received a value of 301 (300+1). These unweighted values are fine, though I think it's a tad unfair given the amount of input provided by some of these websites. That said, I will release the weighted average rankings later this week.

No analysis tonight. Enjoy the pretty list for now. Happy New Year, everyone.

(Updated @ 10:36pm CST)
Oops. I referenced the incorrect data from RotoSummit and must have crossed my wires when I was sorting the spreadsheet on top of that. Everything should check out now. Sorry about that, Jesse.

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  1. BleacherGM’s data is legit.

    Wow, I wouldn’t of guessed Troy being up that high on the list though.