"Around the Horn"
A double play in which the third baseman throws to the second baseman, who then throws to the first baseman.

Analysis Around the Horn was established in September of 2011 when I could not find anyone to chat with about baseball. I chose the name to symbolize my concentration on my three areas of interest: Major League Baseball; the Pittsburgh Pirates, the team I grew up with; and the St. Louis Cardinals, my current hometown team.

I was raised in a rural area south of Pittsburgh for 27 years before finally moving to St. Louis, Missouri in November of 2010 to chase love. I am a 2007 college graduate from Penn State University with a bachelors of science degree in business and a high school graduate from Frazier High School. My father raised me as an avid baseball fan. We attended more baseball games than I could possibly count, including memorable and life-changing games such as the 1994 All Star Game; the final game at Three Rivers Stadium before it was demolished to make way for PNC Park in 2000; and attending games in Florida, Tampa Bay, Anaheim, and San Francisco.

I only played three years of baseball during my childhood, and I was terrible at it. I always embraced the statistical nature of the sport, even creating my own fantasy baseball league when I was only ten years old before I knew fantasy baseball existed. It was exciting once I finally discovered it in magazines and online.

I hope to use this blog as a means to purvey my thoughts to the Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, and Major League Baseball communities.

Thanks for reading,