Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Fantasy Baseball Weighted Average Rankings

I introduced five websites to you earlier this week that spent a lot of time to create their fantasy baseball rankings for the upcoming 2012 season. All of the ranked players were compiled into a spreadsheet where I found their unweighted average ranking. The following spreadsheet is the same list, except sorted using their weighted average rankings:

The weighted values I chose were dependent upon how many individuals were included when the website released their results. When I last compiled the data on January 1, 2012, KFFL had accumulated the results from 143 drafts from Mock Draft Central. Rather than provide them with an unrealistic weight of 143, I gave them a modest weighted value of four. BleacherGM received a weighted value of two; CBS Fantasy, one; Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks, two; and Roto Summit, one. FBCJ actually has three writers, but only two submitted their lists thus far, which is why they will eventually receive a weighted value of three.

While working on this article, I realized the values I used for BGM and MDC were in a different format than everyone else, which caused their ranks to become skewed. For example, Albert Pujols had a value of 3.31 on MDC but was actually ranked 2nd on their list. I have since conformed the values on both spreadsheets. Don't worry if you miss the updated unweighted list because everything will be analyzed later this week. These lists will be updated and republished next month as well once Fantasy Gameday's ranking list is released.

Be sure to leave a comment if you don't agree with my weighted values or if you have any other suggestions.

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