Friday, December 16, 2011

2012 Mock Draft, Rounds 5 & 6

As I stated previously, I am participating in a fantasy baseball slow mock draft being coordinated by Jeffrey from BleacherGM, which can be followed on Couch Managers. There are 14 teams and there will be a total of 16 rounds. The draft began on Tuesday, December 13th and was originally anticipated to last until sometime in February.

Six rounds completed in three days. 89 selections have been made in over 82 hours, which is an average rate of 0.93 hours per pick or 25.80 picks per day. Some people are proving to be major hurdles in this draft, which makes it seem like a lot more time has past, but my impatience is probably caused by my baseball deprivation.

Expected Date to Complete at Current Rate: Thursday, December 22, 2011
Latest Date to Complete at Maximum Rate: Monday, January 30, 2012

Round #5, Pick #66 - Lance Berkman
I thought about using this opportunity to acquire another pitcher while guys like Jon Lester, Matt Cain, and Adam Wainwright were still available, but decided against it. I did not like many of the other first base options behind Berkman, which is why I decided to pick him up while I could. He's been an extremely consistent hitter with at least 20 homers and a batting average over .270 every season since 2000, excluding 2010. If he can do that in 2012, then the runs and RBIs will follow as long as he's in St. Louis.

Round #6, Pick #75 - Michael Young
While looking ahead at the rest of the position players available, I really wanted to fill third base before it was too late. I had queued Young and Kevin Youkilis before I went to bed, hoping to have drafted one of them before the morning. I ended up with Young, which is fine. He will be constantly scoring and driving in runs in the Rangers lineup thanks to his steady batting average of .280 or better. In retrospect, I wish I would have taken Brett Lawrie instead after realizing his potential in a full-time role, but at least Young will keep up my team's batting average.

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Critiques are welcomed!

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